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To leverage our skills and IP assets to grow vastly scalable Internet businesses at speed across Internet products and services focused on digital media, online advertising, SEO and publishing systems.


Our product development list includes integrated and stand-alone solutions from trading, publishing, keyword research and domain development through to monetization, distribution, optimization and divestment.

Our portfolio of solutions leverage the full value of domain assets for professional domainers, traditional investors and those just beginning to get involved in the exciting world of online marketing, domain name trading and development.

Our products are also for parking companies and domain registrars who want to offer valued added domain services to their clients. The Winged Media portfolio includes a suite of API’s to enable seamless integration into existing services.



We see every problem as an opportunity. An opportunity to experiment, play, grow, laugh, sweat, ponder, exceed expectations and create something no one has envisaged.

We strategise, innovate and use the most advanced technologies on our path to success.

Name Brokers

First and foremost, Namebrokers is the only entity that educates and licenses domain brokers. Our program is designed to advance the domain aftermarket through the application of consistent standards specific to ethical practices and professionalism. Namebrokers delivers on this vision with industry leading educational materials, coaching, technology and support.

Second, Namebrokers operates a world class domain brokerage platform that enables licensed brokers to communicate and operate seamlessly with buyers, sellers and prospects. Namebrokers technology platform is the first of its kind, combining industry standard technologies with bleeding edge proprietary tools.



Every day over 150,000 domains expire and drop into the domain aftermarket. Protrada - The Domain Exchange™, is a seamless transaction platform and central place for buying and selling domains in the largest marketplaces.

It is the fastest and most efficient platform for domain investors from small to super large portfolio holders. Protrada members are able to research, analyze, bid, buy, develop and then divest their domain asset. Until now, domainers would need to use several platforms to achieve a marginally similar results and be highly proficient in a range of standalone applications.



The Devname platform solves one of the biggest issues facing domainers; developing cost effective, dynamic, revenue generating websites at scale. From a domainers point of view Devname does all the hard work behind the scenes to produce quality, socially activated, content rich and revenue generating websites.



Parklings provides powerful and sophisticated technology for businesses in the domain industry looking to add valueable product extensions for their customer base. Parklings' advanced technology is powered by two integrated systems; The Website Development System and The Asset Management System.

Parklings understands that to maximize returns on domain assets, domainers and managers require fast access to data and tools that efficiently identify opportunities and liabilities to allow investors to best allocate resources and make investment decisions.

Parklings is focused on using advanced technology to create powerful systems to manage and develop portfolios that provide significantly increased returns for minimal effort and investment.


kwIQ Tool

Keyword Intelligence (kwIQ Tool) is an all encompassing suite of keyword tools, which delivers results based on real time data in an environment faster than all other current solutions, and provides actionable measures for keyword research – wrapped up in a user-friendly design.

The “intelligence” of kwIQ Tool is its predictive capabilities - it projects estimated monetary earnings, natural traffic volumes and intelligently suggests keywords for building sites with optimal conversion: considering type (product or information) and content availability. kwIQ Tool also provides quick and precise research on keyword profiles, keyword relationships, seed keywords, competition and traffic volumes.

kwIQ Tool is currently in closed beta release.



Adslide is a highly targeted online advertising platform. Adslide is a fast and effective way for advertisers to reach pre-qualified consumers via a keyword targeted advertising network of over 100,000 sites.

Adslide’s advertisers gain high levels of control over their online campaigns and only pay for the customers that they reach; via precise budget controls set via a CPM, CPA and CPC models; targeted audiences at a geographic, category and keyword level and precise reporting including ROI.

Adslide is currently in development.



Sitetrada is building the world’s largest website trading marketplace. On top of this they offer a mass development solution so users can easily and quickly develop their domains into websites for sale.

Sitetrada is currently in development.



Domainspike provides a genuine mass development solution with the simplicity of a parking solution and the power of a content management system. Domainspike is for domain owners who want to improve the financial returns on their domain portfolios.

Domainspike leverages keyword intelligence and search data to enable scalable development, optimization and management of domains. It delivers unique and useful content rich websites and provides actionable performance analysis.



website in production

Mashvine is a powerful market research tool for keyword data collection and trend analysis. It has numerous benefits to domain investors and site developers:

  • A destination site with advanced search capabilities and aggregating content spanning news, blogs, articles, video and images,
  • A publishing landscape for advertisers targeting niche markets where platforms are fragmented or non-existent, and,
  • A site indexing and traffic creation tool.

Mashvine is currently in development.



Socialings goes beyond simply pinging. On top of providing a fast and powerful way to centralize social messaging via an API, Socialings is a powerful SEO tool.

Socialings is connected to a network of over 100,000 websites. It allows bulk messaging to high PR and traffic sites, embedded links for powerful backlink juice, natural traffic and SEO benefits.

Socialings allows you to automatically join over 20 social networks and research tools to discover new social niches for your business.

Socialings is currently in development.



Shoppertube is a unique platform for product reviews. Predicted to be eaten-up by the consumer market and savvy internet marketers, the Shoppertube platform leverages new media to deliver consumers with a highly efficient and interactive way to find the best products.

Shoppertube is currently in development.



Troy Rushton

Chief Executive Officer
Linkedin, Twitter

Troy has owned and developed various ventures spanning the digital landscape. His many career highlights have included founding GRV Media; directing the global financial system roll-out for Sinclair Knight Merz; Managing Director for Photon Group Ltd subsidiaries; and over 15 years of experience in senior positions in digital media and publishing sectors at Murdoch Magazines, Scholastic Australia, Swish Group Ltd and Go Transit Media Group.

Last December (2009), Troy was named “one of the 40 most influential men” by Australia's Mens Style Magazine. Troy has enjoyed sharing his expertise in digital innovation, presenting on stage and in lectures to thousands of people.

Andrew Chinn

Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned Chief Technology Officer, for companies including Crystal Storm and iMega, Andrew has also developed a number of innovative digital products including IIAB (Internet in a Box) and Local IQ.

Drawing on a decade of knowledge in technological development, programming, and product innovation, Andrew and his team are responsible for developing technologies to drive and leverage Winged Ventures investments.

Kaloyan Avroniev

Software Development Manager

Kal was born and bred in Bulgaria but many decades ago decided to pursue his interests in technology education. Since moving to Sydney and graduating from UNSW he has pursued his passion in web development, SEO and online advertising. He has since been involved in many web development projects, big and small. For the last 3 years his attention has been diverted by the increased popularity of cloud computing and keyword analysis.


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